Hi, We’re Deep Down Agency!

We help purpose driven mental health professionals and organizations to
Double their Impact.

So that we can tackle the mental health crisis together.

Whether you’re a therapist starting your own practice, a mental health organization launching a new campaign, or a psychologist ready to finally write that book.

-We build strong brands, high impact websites, authentic online presence, thriving communities, and real digital strategy.

—So that you can Double your Impact.

Truth Time…

What would your life, professional career, and that Deep Down personal fulfillment look like if you could Double your Impact?

Can you picture scaling your mental health organization, private practice, or specialty clinic past 1-1 client work and getting to impact thousands?

Making a real impact on your community?

Because, Deep Down you know you were meant for more right? 

Would you sell-out your new program?

Create a Youtube channel or podcast?

Or perhaps build a thriving community of the exact types of clients that you would love to work with…

Every single day? 

And imagine yourself beaming with pride from getting invited to speak at events as an industry leader!

Or perhaps, writing that book that you have been wanting to do since like…


And can you imagine what you could get done, not wasting your valuable time posting randomly on social media , messing around with a website you’re not proud of, or stressing about getting clients?

Because, we both know you spend enough time on screens.

Look, we’re going to level with you…

Getting all of that? It’s going to take some “business stuff”.

So, just like a specialist…you need to focus on your unique talents while letting someone do all that behind the scenes work that drains you.

That’s why you didn’t study an MBA right?!

Getting clients, branding, sales, copywriting, graphic design, website updates, social media, launching and selling workshops…

That’s just not your jam.

Ready For Impact!

Mental Health Launch Incubator™

Join the world’s first incubator program designed exclusively to launch private practices, inspiring brands, impactful services, and life-changing businesses in the mental health space.


More Info!

Who We Help

We are a digital agency exclusively focused on helping mental health professionals and organizations.


Non Profits








Advocacy Groups

Educators & Schools

Private Practices

Specialty clinics


Meow, have a seat, and tell us your struggles...

Our Services:

We don’t really love the idea of a laundry list of services.  Because sometimes when we are frustrated or stuck, we don’t really know…what we don’t know. You need someone to lead you down the path to the results you want.

That’s why, we prefer to listen to your challenges and focus on the specific solutions that allow you to Double Your Impact.

Double Your Impact:

Business coaching & consulting.

Digital strategy & marketing. 

Scale your practice, clinic or organization. 


Be Seen:

Authentic branding & graphic design

Websites that connect and convert.

Professional copywriting in your voice.

Get More Clients:

Lead generation & marketing campaigns.

Targeted Google & Facebook Ads.

Search engine optimization.

Build a Community

Social media management & content.

Email marketing & list building.

Youtube channel & podcast creation.

Launch Your Dream:

Online course creation & launches.

Book writing & marketing packages.

Blog creation & member sites.

Stop Struggling

Time-saving automation.

Booking & payment systems.

Secure email & document solutions.

We can amplify your effect and bring about massive systemic change to the mental health crisis if we utilize every platform in our power.

No more playing small.

No more hiding behind fears. 

The world needs you!!! 

Our Story…

“It took a breakdown, for me to have a breakthrough”

I sure didn’t start out supporting mental health professionals or even with the personal mission of actually doing something about the global mental health crisis.

Nope, I spent 10+ years chasing ego and money…building fancy brands, hustling for tech startups, and even running my own luxury retreats in tropical paradises like Bali and Malaysia.

But then I had a complete emotional breakdown. After four years of crippling depression with no end in sight, I was diagnosed with complex PTSD from childhood trauma…and ADHD.

I lost my executive role at a luxury retreat center in Costa Rica, my jungle house with a private waterfall, and even my dog from having to move back home to Canada.

The truth is, I was constantly operating from fear, lurching from one ego-based job or business I started in order to finally “be happy”.

But what I learned is…. that constantly putting my happiness in the future, choosing jobs based on fear and ego in order to feel validated and safe…was rotting me from the inside out.

DEEP DOWN, I needed a greater purpose outside my self to rebuild my life and feel a true sense of fulfillment. This is the reason I started “Deep Down” agency. Because I know what it’s like to suffer from mental health challenges and how urgent the global mental health crisis is.

Honestly...we're like back-stage managers for mental health professionals & organizations.

So that we can tackle the mental health crisis together.

Take your private practice, organization, or specialty clinic to the next level…

Put yourself in the shoes of someone desperately seeking treatment, a possible new collaboration partner, or a parent who has tried everything to get their child the help they need.

You have 30 seconds when they land on your site (if they even find you at all!) to convey trust, authority, personal connection, and to know deep down why you are right for them.

Through authentic branding, websites that showcase your special awesome, and personalized copywriting you can instantly connect with your ideal clients organically.

Just Graduated?

Skip ahead and suceed.

Whether you are trying to get hired, establish yourself in a new community, or build your client base —It doesn’t have to be a struggle. (you have enough to worry about with student loans right?)

Sure, you could try to do it all your self, read every marketing blog, post randomly on social media and only get likes from your friends, and stay up late at night hunched over your laptop like an online business gremlin. Or, hear me out…

You could get a little help, invest in your future, create a solid plan, and skip all the mistakes and frustration.

Launch Your Next Big Thing!

If we are going to fight the stigma, massively increase access to care, educate the masses, research new treatment methods, and move the entire mental health industry forward…we are going to need you!

We can amplify your effect, double your impact, and bring about massive systemic change if we utilize every platform in our power. No more playing small. No more hiding behind fears.  The world needs you.

Dream of writing your own book? Educating through a Youtube channel or podcast? What about collaborating with some of the best minds and hearts in the industry? Launching your own program or online course worldwide?

You CAN, and we can help you from concept to launch.

Freelance with ease, build a lifestyle business, all while making an impact.

The freedom of setting your own hours and working from anywhere is simply liberating but comes with one catch…finding and managing your own clients.

Stop listing yourself on every psychology website around and giving away a cut of your hard-earned work.  

Get more consistent income so that you don’t go through the rollercoaster of “feast and famine” months.

Please don’t make us do a fake newsletter!


I want to let you in on little secret.

Keep scrolling…

Here is perfect. where no one can hear us…

Creating a personal brand, building your industry authority, marketing your practice, getting more clients, and making money from your gifts doesn’t have to feel awkward or fake.

The key to not feeling gross like wet socks when promoting your yourself, your services, or unique style is creating a brand rooted in authenticity. 

A brand is like a flag you plant at the top of a mountain and cry out to the world…

Heyyy world…This is me! This is how I do my thing.  This is what I believe Deep Down.

Anyone who feels drawn to me, or simply loves the way I work…

I’m over here!

*And we both know how important the therapeutic relationship itself is to the success of a patients recovery. #truth.


Too Shy For A Call? That’s Okay…

We just met.

We can amplify your effect, double your impact, and bring about massive systemic change if we utilize every platform in our power. No more playing small. No more hiding behind fears. The world needs you. 

Why Work With us? 

We Get Mental Health:

We understand the unique challenges mental health professionals and organizations face in bringing their special awesome to the world.

1-1 Personal Attention:

You will work directly with the owner and founder Joel…with no handoffs from the “sales guy” or tech people you don’t understand. 

We Produce Authentic Brands

We have developed an in-house process to ensure everything we produce for you…is authentic everywhere. 

Everything You Need:

Everything from branding, graphic design, web development, product launches, digital marketing, social media, SEO, cat memes…

We Give 2% to Mental Health:

2% of all Deep Down Agency’s net profits go to supporting our partner’s life-changing programs in support of mental health globally.

The Process Should be Fun:

We don’t hustle, slog, or grind.  We make working with our clients as enjoyable as coffee with an old friend.